Nick and Melissa Broadley have been married almost 10 years and are proud parents to their sons Landon, 5, and Lucas, 10 months.   They reside in St Catharines with their 2 boys and their two dogs.




Across Niagara opened its doors in Janaury 2009. A business that was started more than ten years ago by my mother, who decided in 2009 that it was finally time to retire. She didn’t want to give up the business she had founded, built up and worked so hard for, but knew that approaching the age of sixty and spending so little time at home meant it was time to relax and spend more time with her family. This is where I came in! My husband and I took over and are still blessed to be able to work side by side with both of my parents most days. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a loving household with two wonderful parents who worked all their lives as hard as one can possibly work. They taught me the value and importance of family and just how far a strong work ethic can carry you.

My priority in life is to have no regrets when it comes to spending time with my family. Being self-employed and married to my very best friend and business partner, Nick, and also being a mommy to two amazing little boys Landon and Lucas who definitely keep me on my toes – and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I certainly never imagined myself running a Cleaning Business, as my passion lies with the degree I hold in Interior Design. However, our business does allow me to spend a great deal of time with my family – my husband and my two boys, my parents both work with us from time to time, and my retired Aunt (my second mother) also enjoys some time in the office with us.

Even though I am not sketching floor plans or picking out throw pillows, my work allows me to spend time with my family, which is where I am most happiest. Our staff and clientele also mean a lot to me, probably more than they will ever know, as I consider a great deal of them as my ‘other family’, since I spend so much time with them.

Most of my work days are spent in the office handling calls, scheduling, accounting and dealing with whatever is thrown my way. Then there are times where I am out filling in, cleaning for clients, performing consultations, doing large clean-ups and basically whatever else comes up that needs me. One of the best parts of my job is the one on one interaction with the clients. Most of our clients are seniors and a lot are lonely, so being able to listen to them and see the smile on their face melts my heart and often brings joyful tears to my eyes – whether its listening to a story about a family member who visits three times a day, stories about sixty year marriages, or old stories of the War (as many of our clients are Veterans). These are the moments that make what we do worth it!

In conclusion, to bring you back to my line about spending time with my family – I am blessed to do so every single day!




Growing up with a father holding a thirty-five year career as a St Catharines Firefighter, this is all I could ever dream to be! Dreams change and life throws all kinds of surprises your way. I realized as great as a career choice it would be, I would miss out on a lot with my family, such as holidays and all of baby’s first moments. I have been blessed to see so many of my sons firsts.

So I ventured onto other job choices. I have been a gas station attendant, a greenhouse worker, built windows, done shipping and packing, driving limousines, done fire and flood restoration, managed at Home Depot and even worked as a Funeral Directors Assistant.

As you can see, I have done it all, but never really knew where my heart belonged until my wife and I took over this business.  I have recently taken a full-time job as a Deliveries/Driver for a local tool company so am not 100% involved in our business at the moment.  I do still have my foot in the door to help with Deep Cleanings and Hoarding jobs as I love having a family business and would miss the clients too much to disappear!  I enjoy talking to them and hearing their stories as well as being fed yummy home-made snacks that they always surprise me with. I have years building wonderful interpersonal relationships with each of my clients and I look forward to meeting new clients everyday.

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