Cleaning Services

Our residential cleaning service includes a basic clean which includes complete sanitization of your kitchen and bathroom(s), dusting all areas, vacuuming and washing floors and can also include the following extras as per client request:
– laundry395680_10152780109235068_1552968286_n
– simple meal preparation
– changing linens

With the cold winter months in the past, it is that time of year again to crack open the windows for some fresh air and begin that dreaded task of ‘Spring Cleaning’. Nobody truly enjoys doing seasonal cleaning chores or cleaning tasks of any kind. The amount of work and energy that you would spend to clean everything in the house can exhaust you and take you away from enjoyable activities. Across Niagara is a much better option to do the job for you so you can enjoy your free time doing things you actually do enjoy.
Contact us for more details on our ‘Spring Cleaning’ service.

This service involves a few more gloves and a little extra elbow work, but our team would be happy to take care of the more difficult jobs for you. This can include:
– fridge cleaning
– oven cleaning
– moving furniture
– washing walls
– junk/garbage removal
This service includes anything not covered with our residential cleans that requires a team of our professionals to perform those heavier cleaning jobs.

A new service added to our list!
Our Services range from Level #1 involving cleaning clutter, sorting and packing to Level #4 involving animal feces and rotten foods. Anything beyond a Level #4 will be referred to the appropriate person depending on the situation.